A list of mobile-only bank accounts you can run
entirely from your smartphone.

Made by Leandro Thomas


Traditional banking is broken

They just don't seem to keep up with the times. Any of this sound familiar?

Paper form required at original branch to change an addressFaxing like, anythingBlocked card due to traveling too much, featuring annoying anti-fraud callsA stack of paperwork, plus sacrificial lamb required to open account

Needless to say, they can do so much better.

What is a NeoBank?
NeoBanks were created from the ground up to be completely mobile first. For these banks branches are a thing of the past.
For most of them, all you need is a smartphone and photo ID to sign up. Your account is usually up and running in under 10 minutes.
The future of banking of banking is here, don't be left out.

NeoBank watch list

These are a few contenders to look out for, who haven't officially launched yet.

NOW MoneyUAEnowmoney.me

Made by Leandro Thomas